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Japes - Icon Pack

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Japes - Icon Pack

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Japes : 다양한 모양의 HD 아이콘으로 스마트 폰의 집을 꾸며보세요.

Give your smartphone's home a vibrant look with JAPES: a set of colorful HD icons with different shapes for your apps and games.
● To use Japes icon pack a custom launcher is required: Nova, Apex, Action, Smart, Lawnchair and many more are supported.


Japes icon pack comes with a dedicated app, based on Jahir Fiquitiva's Blueprint dashboard, to offer you useful and cool functionalities.
Quickly and easily apply Japes icon pack to your smartphone's home screen.
Search and preview the available icons by category: Communication, Entertainment, Gaming, Social, Tools, Travel, Apple iOS and more.
Request the Japes treatment for apps that don't have a corresponding Japes icon... for now!
★ Customize your experience further with Japes original wallpapers for home and/or lock screen.
★ Choose your favorite theme for the Japes app itself: light, dark or black.


Japes icon pack comes with 2600+ HD icons and new ones are added with every update.
★ From the dedicated app you have the possibility to request via e-mail icons for your apps that don't have a corresponding Japes icon yet: I'll add them as soon as possible!
★ In the meanwhile, have a look at the "Popular" category: you'll be able to find icons specifically designed to suit various kinds of apps. Is your bank's icon missing? Using your launcher's icon picker, select the "Bank" icon. No Japes icon for your carrier's app? The "My carrier" icon is here for you!

Note: if a specific icon is already available in the Japes app but your home still shows that app's default icon, please use the Request feature: I'll fix that app-icon association. THANK YOU!

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